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It's 2012 and internet products were booming. Coming from different backgrouds, 3 people get together with one common way of thinking and one affirmation...

“Execution on the internet should always focused on generating more revenue”.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about marketing, design or development. All actions should be geared towards increasing return on investment for the company.

And so Proudsugar was born to meet this need. To help companies create and optimize digital experiences to grow profit.

A proven approach

After working on many with clients from all over the globe, we've developed a methodology that applied to any business will make it grow drastically. The key’s to our success are the following unique values:

  1. Scientific approach: our process is chirurgical. We bring the science into marketing and apply methodologies straight out of the labs.
  2. Persuasion marketing: the customer is king. We study customer psychology deeply and market everything to maximise results.
  3. Experience design: simply beautiful is the name of the game. We focus on delivering an amazing experience through design and technology.


Proudsugar is comprised of a team of international professionals with more than 5 years experience in Online Marketing, Persuasive Design, and Web Analytics.

Photo of Javier Rincón

Javier RincónGrowth & Optimization

Javier is a Product Marketing and Web Analytics expert that has worked for 2 global VC-backed startups in Berlin, 6Wunderkinder and Moviepilot. In May 2012 he founded Proudsugar and helps international online businesses to increase their revenue. He is Google Analytics Certified.

Influenced by a new school of CRO guru's, Javier has created his own Conversion Rate Optimization framework that he has used to increased conversion rates and profits for multiple companies.

Graduated in MEng Systems Engineering at Loughborough University. He started his career working at Oracle where he found his passion for Business Intelligence and later Web Analytics. Quickly realizing that internet products were a great opportunity, he moved on to work for an Investor´s Forum where he helped dozens of startups construct go-to-market strategies and others to raise money. He has also cofounded two commerce startups in the commerce area, an online pharmacy and a mobile application for geo-located experiences.

Photo of Daniel Polo

Daniel PoloDesign

Daniel is a seasoned graphic designer who specializes in Web Design, Illustrations and Logo creations. He has worked for clients such as Official College of Social Work of La Rioja, Golden Plus, Catpeople, Dr. Dobias, Foodwithout or MarsJobs. Find his latest design work on his portfolio.

Licensed in Social Studies at the University of Barcelona and with a Master in Communication. This interdisciplinary background provides him with deep understanding of user psycology and behavior; which combined with his creative and comunicative abilities have allowed him to design successfully within a variety of industries.

Daniel's style draws on many sources and influences, ranging from the design of the 50′s to the minimalism, among others. With this, he focus on generating effective functionality and maintaining all-round brand coherence. He is also an avid painter with numerous past exhibitions; his work emanates a clear passion for abstraction and figurative abstraction.

Photo of Luis Merino

Luis MerinoTechnology

Luis' all-ground experience on the Web sums-up to 9+ years. With a multitude of projects under his belt, he’s been working hand in hand as a lead developer with dev teams and stakeholders in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin, namely two: Cloud9IDE and Moviepilot.

Developer and technology advisor, Luis is a self-taught front-end and back-end guy. At the age of 21, he left Computer Science in University to focus on his immediate passion: crafting and optimizing web applications.

In August 2013 he joined Proudsugar and took charge of technology that helps increase businesses' revenue.

Photos kindly taken by Nora Warmedinger